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Anima's recordings are now available in a variety of new High Resolution Audio Formats.

High Resolution Lossless Downloads

Towards the end of 2013, year a Japanese company approached us requesting the production of two Anima compilation albums recorded and produced in 5.1 surround sound on SA-CD's (Super Audio CD's). It was the first time we'd ever had the opportunity to work in such a high sonic resolution, and the results were fantastic.

SA-CD audio is resorded and produced in DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format, which is 64 times more sonic definition of a typical CD. After experiencing our music in DSD there was no way we were going to be happy to return to working in a lower resolution. The new recordings had a much sweeter, organic sound that retained much more depth, warmth and spaciousness.

We were also aware that increased sonic bandwidth made available by the higher resolution, allowed a greater spectrum of healing frequencies to be transmitted through the final mixes. We were inspired by the possibility of offering our music in this purer form; allowing our listeners to receive the highest vibration and transmission from our work.

So, we gradually pieced together the specialist equipment we needed, then after a steep learning curve and lots of hard work, we have now finally completed 5 Anima albums in DSD. We are very excited to now be able to offer the first of these new recordings in a selection of high resolution audio formats that include DSD, DXD and FLAC; 'Sacred Alliance' and 'Sound Medicine HD' and 'Temple of the Heart HD'.

Please note: There are certain equipment requirements for some of these formats especially the DSD, DXD and higher rate FLACs, though there is still a noticeable difference if you listen to the new recordings at normal CD quality, which is why we decided to release 'Sound Medicine HD' in CD format and have also made a short video for you to hear the difference yourselves here: http://youtu.be/GCR0eV9sJxQ

We would love to hear any comments you have.

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