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Music is a powerful expression of energy and touches us on the deepest levels of our being. As frequencies of sound, music has the power to transform us on an emotional and cellular level, as it resonates with our own energy system. Anima’s music is renowned for its deeply relaxing quality, creating a sonic space for you to relax and open into stillness. Containing healing tones, solfeggio frequencies, beautiful vocals and deep soundscapes, it helps support meditation, tai chi and yoga practice, Reiki, massage, bodywork therapies, shamanic work and is widely used in spa’s and healing centres.

Anima’s music is a unique merging of influences and styles, which include new age, spiritual, celtic, world, acoustic and electronica. Each album has its own quality and spirit. We also offer a range of guided meditation albums, with Anima’s music and spoken word for guided meditation and healing sessions.

Other services we offer include sound healing events, music production and commissions, spiritual arts, healing sessions and mentoring, yoga and meditation workshops and retreats.

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