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Since ancient times people have carried the knowledge of the ways of living in health and in alignment with one's true purpose and potential. This sacred wisdom, shared by many cultures, guides us towards the rediscovery of the inherent love and stillness that lies within each of our hearts. With awareness and dedication, we can get to the roots of what causes our stress, dis-ease, trauma and our dysfunctional behavioral patterns. As we recapitulate, resolve and dissolve these imbalances, our lives become more wholesome and balanced - we come to know who we truly are.

Our retreats focus upon this reconnection of our heart and soul with our original Truth. Through ancient wisdom, working with land, plants, sacred sites, shamanic healing, sound, yoga and meditation, we work to reawaken and heal the aspects of ourselves that are out of balance, returning to our innocence, purity and strength.

Information about our shamanic plant spirit medicine, yoga and meditation retreats can be found on the following pages, and dates of events on our events page.

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