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"Deeply powerful, the gentle and melodious sounds created by Anima reach deep into the soul: to that special place within which often needs a reminder that all is there and all can be healed."

Anima's music is now available in high resolution audio formats, including DSD, SA-CD, FLAC and also in the typical formats of CD and MP3.

Anima’s evocative, healing music blends meditative soundscapes with acoustic instrumentations, tender vocals, ancient chants and healing frequencies to create compositions that guide the listener towards deep states of meditation, healing, inner journeying, relaxation and connection with the Sacred.

Within these pages you can listen to their music, browse their gallery and read a variety of articles. You can also order their music in a variety of normal and high resolution formats, and keep up to date with Anima's new releases and events.

"This music is our prayer; A ripple of love in the great ocean of Aluna."

"We lovingly invite you to gather with us us as we approach winter solstice, to enter into sacred space, sound and stillness.

These sound healing events are an invitation to journey deep into crystalline, celestial and earth energies through sound and meditation......"

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